This is the official training of WEALTH TEAM 6, where you will learn how to create real wealth with gold and silver and potentially and realistically earn between $500-$12,500 per week.

Before you begin, please remember this:

“Do or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda 

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Day 1- Who is 7K Metals?

Day 2- Our 7K marketing system 

Day 3- Start filling your funnels with your dream customers

Day 4- Send a promo to 100 new daily prospects 

Day 5- Get high quality daily autopilot traffic

Day 6- Additional Top Quality automated traffic

Day 7- Send a promo email to 30,000 people today

Day 8- Use postcards to grow your 7k business

Day 9- Daily affirmations and self development

Day 10 – Listen To The Sound Money Podcast.